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San Francisco, CA, 13 November 2017

London, UK, 12 December 2017

London, UK, 13 December 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 20 January 2018 (this day is offered in Dutch)



Short online talks

Restorative Just Culture

Safety Differently

Just Culture


Why things go wrong

Second victim

Also look at Two Contrasting Views on Accidents, a short film based on The Field Guide made by Thomas Jun and Patrick Waterson, and this one on incident investigation based on the system approach

…as well as this short film on Just Culture produced by Hamilton Emergency Services in Canada

Online lectures

Safety Differently lecture

Just Culture keynote in Dutch

DevOps Cafe with Sidney Dekker — Complexity and failure: like peanut butter and jelly

Sidney Dekker, Safety Differently Podcast with Todd Conklin

Plenary talk at the CHC Safety Summit, Vancouver BC, March 2014

DevOps4 copyDevOps talk on System Failure, Human Error, Who is to blame? Brisbane, July 2014

Just Culture lecture at Technical University Darmstadt, Germany 2008

Resilience lecture at Technical University Darmstadt, Germany 2008

Eric Wigglesworth Memorial Lecture in Melbourne 2011 (highlights)


Online short course on Just CultureJCPictureWebPage



fgvideostillOnline short course on Understanding ‘Human Error’

Understanding Human Error Part 1
Understanding Human Error Part 2
Understanding Human Error Part 3
Understanding Human Error Part 4
Understanding Human Error Part 5


Graduate Programs in Human Factors and Safety

DekkerLund2Are you interested in pursuing graduate studies in human factors and safety in programs that Sidney has helped set up?

For Certificate and Master in Safety Leadership programs, please click here.