Sidney talks regularly at meetings, festivals and conferences across the world. A provocative, powerful and often entertaining speaker, he can typically hold the room—even after lunch. Here are video and sound files, as well as a list of talks past and future. I you would also like Sidney to talk at your event, please use the contact form. Please note that bookings are typically made a year or more in advance.


SVFilmshotShort talks on film

Restorative Just Culture

Safety Differently

Just Culture


Why things go wrong

Second victim

Also look at Two Contrasting Views on Accidents, a short film based on The Field Guide made by Thomas Jun and Patrick Waterson

…and a short film on Just Culture produced by Hamilton Emergency Services in Canada, using voiceovers from various talks


Talks and lectures

Safety Differently 26-minute lecture

Just Culture keynote in Dutch

DevOps Cafe with Sidney Dekker — Complexity and failure: like peanut butter and jelly

Sidney Dekker, Safety Differently Podcast with Todd Conklin

Plenary talk at the CHC Safety Summit, Vancouver BC, March 2014

DevOps4 copyDevOps talk on System Failure, Human Error, Who is to blame? Brisbane, July 2014

Just Culture lecture at Technical University Darmstadt, Germany 2008

Resilience lecture at Technical University Darmstadt, Germany 2008

Eric Wigglesworth Memorial Lecture in Melbourne 2011 (highlights)



“Thank you! It was a great session you gave us, lots of positive feedback and discussion at the post conference drinks, so we are extremely grateful for your time and insights and energy. We have a copy of your book ‘Safety, Differently’ for tomorrow’s best proffered paper, and will be very happy to further promote your work” (2014 Conference on error in medical imaging)

– I wish my whole organization could have seen this!
– Great speaker!
– This speaker was very entertaining!
– Great topic, great speaker.
– Best lecture of the meeting that I attended. Our institution will hopefully implement further Dr. Dekker’s recommendations to enhance safety for both our patients and our faculty/staff
– Entertaining, engaging, extremely useful.
– Great presentation! Very helpful for creating a culture of safety.
– Extremely useful talk incorporating the human factor.
– Awesome speaker
– Excellent! More keynote speakers like this please!
– speaker was very enlightening and informative.
– Excellent – more speakers like him
– very interesting and practical information
– Excellent talk
– Superb speaker
– Awesome speaker!!
– Very timely topic. Relevant to quality improvement initiatives.
– I’m going to discuss some of this with my department and might even read his books!
– Educational and entertaining!
– Very good
– Fantastic speaker. Please invite him again next year.
– Motivational speaker
– This session was excellent!
– Excellent presentation. Very thought-provoking and also entertaining.
– Absolutely outstanding presentation. This topic is critically import for all aspects of medicine. This should have been on Sunday not on the last day of the conference. Need to prioritize higher and demonstrate our commitment to the safety of our patients and staff.
– Best of all
– Great speaker!!!
– Very entertaining! Enjoyed it.
– As always, a speaker with a lot of energy. Highly motivating!
– Sidney Dekker was the best speaker of the entire meeting.
– got the take home message about the culture of safety, of learning and of justice
– Important information
– excellent, energetic speaker –this speaker should be talking to all the hospital administrators!!
– Excellent presentation and very applicable for us.
– One of the most outstanding talks I’ve ever listen to. Bring back Sidney Dekker next year again!!!
(Attendee comments from the American Society of Radiation Oncology Annual Meeting, San Francisco)


“My sincere thanks for your wonderful presentation last Thursday. From the reports received staff were quite moved by your talk and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to explore and consider their own and others’ vulnerability in terms of second victimhood, so my thanks also encompasses theirs.” (2013 Hospital ethics talk on second victims)

“…a huge thank you for adding tremendous value to our event. The conference has had amazingly positive feedback and your attendance has been a major part of that.” (PACDEFF 2012, Sydney)

– Very, very good
– Very good energy
– Good challenge to MBIE and current compliance model
– Excellent
– Can we hear more of him in the future?
– Challenging the H&S structure is great to hear. I have a belief that H&S only works if it is accessible and easy – not numbers and felt you reinforced this belief
– Great content and delivery
– Awesome presenter
– Very important message, back to resilience at the front line. Excellent info for leaders and boards to hear
– Outstanding presentation
– Really enjoyed his talk, keeps audience involved
– Great content, kept it real – good understanding on paperwork and good ideas
– Fantastic – revitalising and very thought provoking
– Thought provoking! Concept would require a mind-shift on the part of our regulators
– Great presentation
– High energy, did try and cram a lot in. Though provoking and challenging
– Great to have Sidney at this conference we need to hear more of him in New Zealand Clearly engaging style, but also took some pertinent points from his presentation Professional and smart. Great start to the conference
– Many safety professionals sing this tune – its CEOs and clients who demand the ‘looking good index’ how do we convince them? I (and many others) constantly bang my head. Need to stop reporting on failure
– Energetic, enthusiastic, motivational
– Thought provoking
– Visionary/Brilliant
– At last a speaker who understands that accidents will happen and Just Culture being the most important factor
– Despite accent still very easy to listen to and understand
– Entertaining, interesting, informative – gave me an idea for employee engagement
– Good engagement of crowd
– Enthusiastic, informative
– Inspirational! We need so much more of this approach
– Really good, lots of new ideas
– Compelling and entertaining speaker, could have made more points rather than “entertaining” but good start to conference
– Very engaging speaker, thought provoking
– Really enjoyed this session, we are in justification mode for savings in respect to levies , although we have a good safety culture, we don’t document well
– So cool to have
– Strong delivery was well understood
– Challenged some pre-historic thinking. Great presenter
– Very energetic, at times hard to follow but some good messages
– New ideas and new ways of thinking about how to tackle H+S. Very engaging and enthusiastic
– He was excellent and 100% correct in all aspects of safety culture and removing all barriers to hearing about the bad news
– Great session – really enjoy both written and now verbal presentations by Dekker
– Engaging, interesting, fun, inspirational
– Engaging speaker
– Excellent presentation – very engaging and confirms what I feel!
– Great interesting presentation – thinking outside the box – dare to think differently!
– Good presenter to warm-up attendees. May not have been everyone’s cup of tea, however! Some tips of how to start implementing
– Engaging and insightful
– Absolutely fantastic
– Undoubtedly the keynote speaker
– Very dynamic. Excellent message
– Very thought provoking
– Engaging presentation
– Interesting and challenging presentation
– Excellent presentation – wish all speakers were as engaging
– Very entertaining presentation
– Thought provoking – challenge need to do something different to break through flat line performance
– Challenging current practice.
– A very engaging presentation – thought provoking
– Challenging and lively. Enjoyed
– Enjoyed the presentation. He knows what he is talking about
– Very well presented and interesting
– Good presenter
– Simulating and inspiring
– Great message “more of the same will not bring change”
– Very engaging, dynamic presenter. Great start to the conference
– Good to be challenged in the way we enforce safety on our people
– Spoke very well about the need for change from responsibility down to accountability up Need to be challenged – provides this well
– Give him job head of regulator less PC
– Resonates what needs to occur to shift safety culture
– Person I most wanted to see at the conference
– Good engaging performance, thought provoking
– Great presenter and liked content
– Some great suggestions made to take-away and upbeat delivery style
– Very inspirational, motivated facilitator. Look forward to reading his books
– Very engaging
– Very in-depth, detailed
– Inspiring, thought provoking
– Totally enjoyed
– He held people’s attention all the time by means of his style and personality and therefore got his message across absolutely
– Great thought provoking – positive, need more of in NZ
– Best speaker I have seen in awhile
– Thought provoking and reminded us to be enthusiastic in our practice!
(New Zealand Safety Conference, 2013)

NFO“Thanks for kicking things off yesterday. I really enjoyed the conversation –  a stimulating break to the normal humdrum of work and also promising to see that there is a growing interest in challenging the persistent norms.” (Safety Day with Construction Company, 2014)


Invited and keynote talks

  • DevOps7 copyNewcastle, Australia, 2014 — NSW Mining Health and Safety Conference, Invited speaker
  • Newcastle, Australia, 2014 — Institute of Quarrying Australia Health and Safety Seminar, Invited speaker
  • Townsville, Australia, 2014 — Institute of Quarrying Australia Health and Safety Seminar, Invited speaker
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2014 — CHC Safety Summit, keynote speaker: The humanity of safety
  • Dunedin, New Zealand, 2014 — Employers’ Association Health and Safety Leaders Forum, Invited speaker
  • Melbourne, Australia, 2014 — National Safety Convention. Invited speaker: Safety, a bureaucratic accountability up, or ethical responsibility down?
  • Singapore, 2014 — Civil Aviation Authority Singapore Safety Forum, Invited speaker on Human Factors and Technology
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2014 — Griffith University Risk Awareness Week, invited speaker: Risk and resilience, who is in control?
  • Hamilton, New Zealand, 2014 — New Zealand Institute of Safety Management, Professional Development Day on Safety and Just Culture
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, 2014 — First South African Symposium on Human Factors and Aviation. Keynote speaker: Dealing with dreams of safety
  • Brussels, BE, 2013 — Safety culture conference (Eurogroup/Brussels Airport Company), invited speaker
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam, NL, 2013 — Veiligheid: Bureaucratie of Ethiek? Openbare lezing (in Dutch)CGHPhoto
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2013 — Drilling and completions, QGC Wellsite forum, invited speaker: Moving from personal safety to process safety
  • Singapore, 2013 — Changi General Hospital, Keynotes and workshops on Just Culture and cultures of safety in healthcare
  • Singapore, 2013 — Singapore General Hospital, Keynote speaker on national patient safety day
  • Gloucester, UK, 2013 — EDF Energy, Nuclear Professionalism Conference, invited speaker
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013 — 8th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, invited speaker on resilience
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2013 — Neurosafety Summit, invited speaker
  • Perth, Australia, 2013 — APPEA National Oil and Gas Safety Conference, Keynote Speaker
  • Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Australia, 2013 — Safety on the Edge, Keynote Speaker
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2013 — 11th Quarrying Safety & Health Seminar, invited speaker
  • Stockholm, Sweden, 2013 — Trafikverket Traffic Safety Conference, invited speaker
  • Herstmonceux, UK, 2013 — MSc course in Healthcare Quality, Queen’s University, invited lecturer
  • Adelaide, Australia, 2013 — Australian System Safety Conference, Keynote Speaker
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2013 — TW Leading Practice Forum LPF13, Keynote Speaker
  • Esbjerg, Denmark, 2013 — Annual Offshore Safety Conference, Keynote Speaker
  • Saint John, NB, Canada, 2013 — Irving Oil GP Safety Symposium, Keynote Speaker
  • Utrecht, Netherlands, 2013 — Netherlands Railways safety meeting, invited speaker
  • Melbourne, Australia, 2013 — Safety Institute of Australia National Convention, Keynote Speaker
  • Adelaide, Australia, 2013 — Institution of Railway Signal Engineers AGM and Technical Meeting, Keynote Speaker
  • Singapore, 2013 — Process Safety Management Seminar, Singapore Institution of Safety Officers, Keynote Speaker
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2012 — BHP Billiton BMA Coal Alliance, invited speaker on OSHE.
  • Manly, Australia, 2012 — Aviation Psychology Association of Australia
  • Sydney, Australia, 2012 —  PACDEFF Conference, keynote speaker
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2012 — Queensland Health—Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Division, invited seminar
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2012 — Princess Alexandra Hospital, invited seminar speaker
  • Sydney, Australia, 2012 — RISSB Rail Safety Conference, invited speaker.
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2012 — “Deepening the conversation: Survival and resilience” Invited contributor to forum at State Library moderated by Paul Barclay
  • Sydney, Australia, 2011 — Human Factors Ergonomics Society of Australia, Annual meeting Keynote speaker
  • Adelaide, Australia, 2011 — Invited speaker and panel debater at Adelaide Festival of Ideas
  • Hong Kong, 2011 — “Safety in healthcare: Studies in resilience and complexity”, Invited address, Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, United Christian Hospital
  • Brisbane, Australia, 2011 — “Complexity, uncertainty and averting a drift into disaster”, International forum on Climate Change Adaptation and Health
  • Melbourne, Australia, 2011 — “Safety and Accountability: Are we victims of our own success?”, Safety Institute of Australia, Eric Wigglesworth memorial lecture


  • London, 2010 — Junior Doctors: Agents for change, UK Department of Health/NHS conference (invited speaker)
  • Stockholm, 2010 — Nordic Patient Safety Conference (
  • Lund, SUS, 2010 — “Att flyga, att skära; Att fejla, att lära.” (Kirurgiska Kliniken i Lund — Invited seminar)
  • Winter Haven, FL, 2010 — “Patient Safety, Medical Error and Accountability” (Winter Haven Hospital)
  • Los Alamos, NM, 2009 — “From Newton to Chaos: New views on accountability” (Los Alamos National Laboratory Director’s Address — Invited speaker)
  • Munich, Germany, 2009 — Eurocontrol Safety R&D seminar, “Challenges and opportunities for Just Culture in European ATM” (Keynote speaker)
  • Linköping, SE, 2009 — Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting. “In the systems view of human factors, who is responsible for success and failure?” (Keynote speaker)
  • Washington, DC, 2009 — National Transportation Safety Board, Human error, Just Culture and Resilience (2-day Invited speaker for number of federal agencies including USFS, FAA, various Military, NTSB)
  • Stockholm, 2009 — KI Simulatorcentrum, “Just Culture — Seminarium med Sidney Dekker” (Invited speaker),
  • Utrecht, NL, 2009 — Center for Patient Safety, Utrecht University Medical Center (UMC), Medical error, the hindsight bias and outcome bias (Invited speaker)
  • London, UK, 2009 — Risky Business: International Patient Safety Conference, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, NHS Trust (Invited speaker)
  • Stockholm, 2008 — National Conference on Safety Culture and Inspectorates, Just Culture: A Balance between safety and accountability (Keynote speaker)
  • Helsinki, Finland, 2008 — Human Factors Conference, VTT Technical Research Institute (Invited speaker: “Human factors as science or as succor?”)
  • Omaha, NE, 2008 — International Conference on Chaos, Complexity and Conflict, Werner Institute for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Creighton University (Keynote speaker)
  • London, UK, 2008 — Risky Business: International Patient Safety Conference, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, NHS Trust (Invited speaker)
  • Melbourne, Australia, 2008 — St. Vincents hospital (nursing and clinical leadership), Patient safety, adverse event investigations, accountability (Invited speaker)
  • Melbourne, Australia, 2007 — Royal Melbourne hospital, “Old and new views on human error” (keynote speaker)
  • Örebro, Sweden, 2007 — Safe Healthcare: Conference organized by the nursing union Sweden (Invited speaker)
  • Winnipeg, Canada, 2007 — Stan DeGroot memorial lecture, “Patient Safety and System Improvement” (Invited speaker)
  • Stockholm, Sweden, KTH, 2007 — I rättvisans namn (In the name of justice: Patient safety conference), “Individuals versus systems or individuals in systems?” (Invited speaker)
  • Utrecht, Netherlands, 2007 — Conquaestor Master Class, “Do more rules make our systems safer?” (Invited speaker)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, 2006 — IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Control Ass’ns), “Just culture and learning from failure” (Invited speaker)DevOps1 copy
  • Manly, Australia, 2006 — AvPAA Evolving System Safety, “Evolving system safety, evolving human factors” (Keynote speaker)
  • Tel Aviv, Israel, 2006 — Air to Air Safety Conference, (Invited Speaker)
  • Halifax, Canada, 2006 — Canadian Aviation Safety Seminar, “Aviation Safety and Human Factors: Pushing the boundaries” (Keynote
  • speaker)
  • Jönköping Lansting, Sweden, 2006 — Ledningskraft för patientsäkerhet (Leadership empowerment for patient safety) “Mistag, ansvar och lärande I vården (mistake, accountability and learning in healthcare)” (Invited speaker)
  • Stavanger, Norway, 2005 — Solakonferansen, “Why complex system fail and why we need new explanatory models” (Invited Speaker)
  • Syracuse, NY, 2005 — Eleventh Human Performance, Root Cause & Trending Conference, “Resilience Engineering: A new approach to system safety” (Keynote Speaker)
  • Columbus, OH, 2005 — Center for Resilience, The Ohio State University, “Recognizing fragile organizations and building resilience ones: A new approach to system safety” (Invited Speaker, first in series of Center)
  • Mystic, CT, 2003 — Ninth Human Performance, Root Cause & Trending Conference, “Human factors investigations” (Invited Plenary Speaker)
  • Stockholm, Sweden, 2003 — Polishelikopter battalion, “Seven myths about human error” (Invited Speaker)
  • Lund, Sweden, 2003 — “Jag blev anmälld…” (Institution för Kirurgi, Universitetssjukhus), “Mistag, ansvar och lärande: Hur går de ihop?” (Invited Speaker)
  • Amsterdam NL, 2003 — IEE “People in Control” Conference. Keynote Speech: “Control, Complexity and Consciousness”
  • Dunblane, 2003 — Human Factors of Decision Making in Complex Systems Conference Keynote speech: “Migration of authority in tactical decision making”
  • Ottawa, ON, 2003 — 21st System Safety Conference, Plenary lunchtime address: “Ethical aspects of human error investigations”
  • Siikaranta, FI, 2003 — Nordic Inspectors Safety Training “Human factors in regulatory work” (Invited Speaker)
  • Stockholm, 2002 — SAS joint minor incident investigation group, “Human factors investigations”
  • Lund, Sweden, 2002 — Human Factors in Aviation Safety Conference, Keynote: “Frequently asked questions about human error and new technology”
  • Southampton, 2002 — IEE short course “Human Factors for Engineers”, “Control room design” (lectures and workshops). Also after-dinner speech.
  • Rödvig, DK, 2002 Nordic aviation regulators “Human factors in regulatory work”
  • Malmen, SE, 2001 — Army Helicopter Battalion, dinner speech, “Helicopters, humans and hellfire: new perspectives on error”

DevOps3 copy

  • Accra, Ghana, 2001 — 12th Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations meeting, “Human error and learning from failure”
  • Manchester, UK, 2001 — After-dinner speaker at the IEE People-In-Control conference, UMIST.
  • Columbus, OH, 2001 — Workshop at the 11th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology “Understanding the human contribution to system breakdown”
  • Stockholm, Sweden, 2001 — Accountable managers meeting (VD flygbolag), Sweden, “Why Murphy’s law is wrong”
  • Linköping, Sweden, 2000 — Féderation Aeronautique Internationale Annual meeting, Keynote: “Human error: The good, the bad and the ugly”
  • Heathrow, UK, 2000 — Joint annual forum of the British Airline Pilots Association and Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers (BALPA/GATCO forum) “Near misses and human error”
  • Oslo, Norway, 2000 — Risk forum, “Different views on human error and risk”
  • Gustavelund, FI, 2000 — Lectures on automation in shipbuilding, “Promises and problems of automation”
  • Kolmården, 2000 — Nordic introduction seminar for regulatory personnel, NIST 2000, “Two views of human error”
  • Skövde, Sweden, 1999 — “Kognitionsdagen 99” (The day of Cognition), “Automation and its impact on human cognition”
  • Rosenön, Sweden, 1999 — SAS Flight Academy Customer Conference, “The sequence of events that brought an automated airliner down”
  • Amsterdam, NL, 1999 — Joint meeting of flight safety investigators, “Human factors awareness in incident and accident investigation”
  • Oslo, Norway, 1999 — Nordic introduction seminar for regulatory personnel, NIST ’99, “Training for the automated cockpit”
  • Reykjavik, Iceland, 1998 — Annual meeting of Nordic simulator user assocation, SIMSEM ‘98, “Automation and human performance: Issues for simulation.”
  • Venice, Italy, 1998 — Workshop on human computer interface and human error analysis in safety applications. “Experiences from the avionic industry: Human error as indication of design problems.”
  • Heathrow, UK, 1997 — Joint annual forum of the British Airline Pilots Association and Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers (BALPA/GATCO forum) “Management by exception in Air Traffic Control”