Over the last several years a new way to think about the safety of work has found its way into many organizations around the world. This new way to think about safety is leading to some important improvements in how work is being done and every organization wants to improve their safety performance. This new way to think about safety is exciting and effective and organizations have great desire and motivation to improve safety performance.
But what are the chances Sidney Dekker and Todd Conklin would collaborate on a new book? The chances are 100%. These two authors, scholars, practitioners, and organizational members have combined their time and skill in addressing six topic areas that are vital to successful safety change:

  • Safety: From outcome to capacity
  • When the work done is not as you imagined: Do learning teams
  • When things go wrong: Do investigations differently
  • When there is too much compliance: Declutter your safety bureaucracy
  • When your safety people are dejected: Empower them differently
  • When you need to help your leaders succeed

Do Safety Differently is a discussion between two friends on what they have learned by watching organizations around the world change the way they do work. Do Safety differently is an applied discussion, a practical discussion, that will cause the reader to think about the strategies and tactics they will need to ensure the best possible scenario for successfully doing Safety Differently.