Join an audience with Sidney Dekker Live online interactive workshops
for the discerning professional

The average safety webinar might offer you practical, but second-hand, knowledge. Then there are these workshops. Join the professor himself in a live, interactive session. Engage directly with the source-the author of Just Culture, Safety Differently, The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error, Drift into Failure, The Safety Anarchist, Foundations of Safety Science, and other best-selling titles. And the best thing is: you can do so from wherever you are, in online live interactive workshops tailored to your timezone.

Each workshop takes you comprehensively through the ideas-and the research, scholarship and evidence supporting them. You will not only learn what these topics are, but how you can, and should, think critically about them. You will learn to go deeper, discover new connections and hear the backstories. You will learn a new vocabulary so that you can ask better questions, and innovate safety and justice in your organization and beyond.

In a new series, Sidney will take you through seven big questions about safety and social science, weaving together a rich tapestry of ideas and critical thought:

Week 1: Is safety our last Enlightenment project?
Week 2: Why is the world complex?
Week 3: Why do we blame?
Week 4: How does capitalism contribute to disaster?
Week 5: Insecurity — what are we afraid of?
Week 6: Has the internet made us inhumane?
Week 7: Is the West itself drifting into failure?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points are available through AIHS.

These workshops are also a great pathway into the University Graduate Program in Safety Leadership , of which Professor Dekker is the program director. No prior academic experience is required.