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Sidney Dekker — professor, best-selling author on human factors & safety, and pilot


From the best-selling "Field Guide to Understanding Human Error," with over 35.000 copies sold, to his recent heartfelt "Second Victim," and now "Safety Differently," Sidney's books move the boundaries of human factors and safety. (Image of Sidney at top courtesy of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences/Paul Tolenaar.)

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Sidney's short and sometimes hard-hitting films have moved and inspired viewers around the world. Topics range from The Second Victim, Resilience Engineering, Why Things Go Wrong and Just Culture. These films are free for use in your classrooms and seminars. They offer crisp introductions to challenging topics, leaving the viewer with answers as well as better questions. Many people have first found out about Sidney's writings through the films. They are a source of inspiration for thousands. Many go on to buy his books and attend his talks.

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A powerful and provocative speaker, Sidney has addressed audiences from a variety of domains across the world. Aviation, healthcare, nuclear power, oil & gas, process control, finance, the military — all have found that you might not agree with him, but that you cannot ignore him. Sidney alternately unites and divides his audiences. He works the room dynamically, intensively, unavoidably. His messages on human factors and safety are iconoclastic, surprising, refreshing, renewing. He really does Safety, Differently. If you want Sidney to talk at your event, please use the contact tab. Please note that bookings are typically made a year or more in advance.

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