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Sidney Dekker — professor, best-selling author on human factors & safety, and pilot


From his best-selling "Just Culture" and "Field Guide to Understanding Human Error," now both in their Third Edition, to his heartfelt "End of Heaven" and "Second Victim," as well as the recent "Safety Differently," Sidney's books move the boundaries of human factors and safety.

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Safety Differently

Safety Differently—The Movie tells the stories of three organizations that had the courage to devolve, declutter, and decentralize their safety bureaucracy. Safety differently is a story of hope; of rediscovering ways to trust and empower people, and of reinvigorating the humanity and dignity of actual work. Work has never been as safe as it seems today. But bureaucracy and compliance demands have mushroomed, including many imposed by organizations on themselves. And progress on safety has actually slowed to a crawl. Bureaucracy and compliance impose performance drag on our organizations, and rob us of precisely the sources of human insight, creativity and resilience that tell us how success is created, and where the next accident may well happen.

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Just Culture

Find out what you and your organization might do differently in the wake of incidents. 'Holding people accountable' can mean something very different from blaming them. Safety with Dignity means celebrating the expertise and craftsmanship that make things go well, and offering compassion, support and learning when they don't.

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