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Sidney Dekker

"A powerful and provocative speaker..."
Best-selling author, professor, and pilot
Sidney Dekker speaks about Just Culture and Safety Differently.

Join an audience with Sidney Dekker

Get to know the professor and engage directly with the source—the author of Just Culture, Safety Differently, The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error, Drift into Failure, The Safety Anarchist, Foundations of Safety Science, and more best-selling titles.

BOOKS By Sidney Dekker

Foundations of Safety Science: A century of understanding accidents and disasters (2019)

The Foundations of Safety Science By Sidney Dekker

From his best-selling Just Culture and Field Guide to Understanding Human Error, now both in their third edition, to his heartfelt End of Heaven and Second Victim, as well as the recent Safety Anarchist, and the first textbook for the field, Foundations of Safety Science, Sidney's books move the boundaries of human factors and safety. Sidney's books have been translated into a number of languages, and many of them are available as audiobooks.

WORKSHOPS with Sidney Dekker

Take a live online interactive Masterclass with Sidney! Sidney takes you through the relevant ideas—and the research, scholarship and evidence supporting them. You will learn to think critically about these topics. You will discover hidden connections and hear the backstories. You will learn new vocabulary, allowing you to ask better questions, so you can begin making deep and lasting changes in how safety and justice are done in your organization and beyond.


3-hour live online interactive workshop Building a Restorative Just Culture

A restorative Just Culture focuses on learning, re-establishing trust and enhancing individual and organizational resilience in the wake of a negative occurrence. It asks who are impacted by an event, what their needs are, and whose obligation it is to meet those needs. It holds people accountable by creating conditions of psychological safety—so they can offer open and honest accounts of what happened.

3-hour live online interactive workshop Doing Safety Differently

Today, we spend a lot of time on the work of safety, and have lost sight of the safety of work. ‘Safety differently,’ embraced by multiple top tier organizations globally, is a compelling alternative to the bureaucratization and compliance of work. It sees people not as a problem to control, but as a resource to harness. Safety Differently defers to expertise, not telling people what to do, but instead asking them what they need to be successful.

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3-hour live online interactive workshop Foundations of Safety Science in half a day

If you want to rapidly increase your literacy in safety science, then this workshop is for you. It covers more than 100 years of safety science—ideas as well as practice—in three hours, showing you the connections and distinctions between all the major schools of thought.