Sidney Dekker

"A powerful and provocative speaker..."
Best-selling author, professor, and pilot
Sidney Dekker speaks about Just Culture and Safety Differently.

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Just Culture and Safety Differently with Sidney Dekker

Be inspired by Sidney's latest feature films. Dive into the ideas behind his work with the lecture series. Discover what Just Culture and Safety Differently could do for you

BOOKS By Sidney Dekker

The author of Just Culture, Safety Differently, The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error, Drift into Failure, The Safety Anarchist, Foundations of Safety Science, Do Safety Differently and more best-selling titles. Also available as audio books. 

Foundations of Safety Science: A century of understanding accidents and disasters (2019)

The Foundations of Safety Science By Sidney Dekker

From his best-selling Just Culture and Field Guide to Understanding Human Error, now both in their third edition, to his heartfelt End of Heaven and Second Victim, as well as the recent Safety Anarchist, and the first textbook for the field, Foundations of Safety Science, Sidney's books move the boundaries of human factors and safety. Sidney's books have been translated into a number of languages, and many of them are available as audiobooks.